Frequency Asked Questions

1. What should I do to use a free HotSpot?

In order to use a city Hotspot you need to have a device (computer, phone, palmtop, tablet) provided with a wireless card operating in the 802.11b/g/n standard (2.4GHz) and be within the HotSpot reach . Then you need to connect to the network. After connecting to the network you need to start your web browser, and you will be redirected to a panel where you can log in/register.

2. In what locations can I use free HotSpots?

The Hotspot map can be found in the section “Zasięg HotSpotów” on the website

3. Where can I find information concerning the rules for using a free city HotSpot?

Such information is contained in the Regulations which can be downloaded from the section „Informacje” on the website

4. On what frequency is the signal transmitted?

The signal is transmitted on the 2.4 GHz frequency in the 802.11b/g/n standard. It is a standard applied by all devices available on the market, having a wireless 2.4 GHz card.

5. Is the Internet accessible round the clock?

Yes, the Internet in locations specified in the section “Zasięg HotSpotów” (on the website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week.

6. What is the highest achievable HotSpot transfer?

Since 1 November 2014, the Internet at the HotSpots comes from the connection provided by KOBA Sp. z o.o.. According to the contractual terms and conditions, it is 0,5Mb/s / 0,5Mb/s for each user.

7. How can I identify which signal comes from the city HotSpot network?

A signal coming from the city HotSpot network will be visible under the name of

8. Is a „login” registered by the User assigned to a single HotSpot only?

You can use your login to log in to each city HotSpot in Białystok.

9. You can use your login to log in to each city HotSpot in Białystok.

The reason for such situation can be: – The lack of direct visibility between your antenna (device) and a HOTSPOT transmitter – The distance to a HotSpot antenna should not exceed about 450 metres (with direct visibility).

10. I have an account set up before 1 Dec. 2016. I cannot log in, why?

Since 1 Dec. 2016, the city HotSpot regulations has been changed. Therefore, you need to re-register.